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Achieving new heights in robotic inspections

The TOKA® Flex - Our most advanced robot to-date, is equipped to find and collect the critical inspection data you need to make preventative and predictive maintenance decisions. It is a system that is creative, yet disciplined, rugged, yet pliable - in a word flexible.


More Coverage.
More Confidence.

Explore Gecko's best-in-class RUG technology through TOKA Flex and its unprecedented accessibility and data-collection.

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12-18 Ultrasonic Transducers

Flex houses 12 single-channel ultrasonic probes as a standard, with the ability to offer up to 18 single element probes for even greater data-coverage.


Rapid Ultrasonic Gridding

Continuing the revolutionary gridding technique, Flex provides best-in-class RUG inspection technology to surfaces that have never been inspected before.

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Elbows, Bends, and Joints

Previously tedious to inspect, Flex can completely inspect swept elbows on 10 in (254 mm) diameter piping and the outer half of elbows with >20 in (508 mm) curvature.

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Covers 30 sq ft (2.7 m) per Min

Faster turnarounds without compromising on data density; Flex captures up to 3K readings per square foot (32,292 per square meter) and images along the way.


Small Diameter Piping

Flex is our most pliable robot in the TOKA series; from flat surfaces to piping as small as 6 in (152 mm) diameter, the impossible just became possible.


Up to 275°F (135°C)

In service assets reaching high temperatures? Flex takes on assets up to 275°F (135°C) surface temperature, saving you turnaround time and keeping inspectors safe.

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Webinar: TOKA Flex - Gecko's Most Advanced Piping Robot

Industrial plants are demanding robots to access hazardous and difficult-to-reach areas to fulfill inspection needs. The core capability to complete this task is rugged mobility, on even the smallest surface.

The TOKA® Flex, Gecko's most advanced robot, was purposely designed to crawl on small diameter piping at dizzying heights.

Watch Ed Bryner, Director of Engineering, present Gecko's newest innovation to the TOKA series of inspection robots. 

Watch the TOKA Flex Webinar

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More Coverage. More Confidence.

The TOKA Flex robot is designed to give unprecedented access to piping systems with a robust ultrasonic data-collection capability. In addition to becoming our workhorse for piping inspections, the TOKA Flex will enable us to explore, branch, and merge new product solutions for our customers faster than ever. 

Inspections with the TOKA Flex are available immediately. For more information, download the TOKA Flex Brochure or contact us today!

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