Supercharge your API 653 Inspections

To prevent leaks, tank failures, and unexpected maintenance costs, a thorough inspection is critical. Gecko Robotics brings a fresh perspective and a suite of robot-enhanced NDT tools to deliver the most comprehensive API 653 inspection on the market. 

Our API 653 protocols satisfy internal, external, and deferral inspections, in any combination. A comprehensive API 653 comprises an external visual inspection, internal floor inspection, external shell inspection, and strip-scan roof inspection.  

What you can expect from Gecko:

  1. Tackle the entire tank in a handful of shifts, without the need for roping, scaffolding or JLGs
  2. Complete set of NDT tools to detect flaws, corrosion, and damage 
  3. Options for Non-CSE inspection of tank floor
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History Review

The service and inspection history of the tank is reviewed to deploy appropriate Gecko resources.

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Designed for RBI

Our superior asset coverage and data quality are designed to achieve an “A” grading for RBI programs.


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Gecko Portal

All reports, alongside interactive data-maps, are available online 24/7 for maintenance review and planning.


Rapid Ultrasonic Gridding

Complete ultrasonic gridding of roof, shell, and floor to determine general thinning and map areas of corrosion.

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Phased Array UT

Find defects in welds and Heat-Affected-Zones (HAZ) to address likely damage mechanisms.


Visual Inspection

Identify any structural abnormalities, leaks, coating failures or areas of concern for closer NDE/NDT.

The Gecko Process

Across the plant, many above-ground storage tanks fall under the API 653. Any tank made of carbon steel or low alloy metals and manufactured under API 650 or API 12C are applicable. Our API 653 inspection service is designed to slot into a plant’s current inspection plans, whether you need to fulfill a specific inspection or need to construct an entire program from the ground up taking RBI and best practices into mind.

The process stems from your inspection plan. If no plan already exists, we’ll consult with you to learn your approach to mechanical integrity. This starts the process by understanding the nature of the tank, its operating history and likely damage mechanisms. This is the basis for establishing the inspection timeline. Your plant may be using a broader RBI, in which case, we’d include the risk factors associated with the asset to hone our inspection approach. If a plan already exists, Gecko can perform your external visual, internal, thickness, or on-stream inspections. 

Gecko API 653 inspections are conducted by API Level II and III inspectors. Written reports are supplied to the client along with access to our online portal, Gecko Portal, which provides an interactive map of all thickness measurements. This allows for annotation, export, and sharing for maintenance planning.

Each report includes these sections: 

  • Executive Summary
  • History Review
  • Recommendations and Monitoring
  • Report
    • Component summaries
    • Detailed Report
  • Inspection Photos
  • Construction Drawings


Floors, Shells, and Roofs

Gecko’s TOKA 4 GZ inspection robot is the first system in the industry to deliver a 100% ultrasonic out-of-service tank floor inspection. It samples at ¼” (6mm) grid spacing dense across the tank floor finding underside corrosion and pitting - measuring both location and depth. Our robots need zero horizontal clearance, perfect for the critical zone and internal obstructions. This inspection may be performed in a complete Non-CSE manner to eliminate personnel risk and cost.  

For tank shells, choose between two proprietary mapping technologies from Gecko: Rapid Ultrasonic Gridding (RUG) and/or Rapid AUT. RUG is designed for speed and coverage while Rapid AUT outpaces conventional AUT by 5X.

RUG on a tank shell: Grid up to a 100’ tank with a 1” grid in one shift internally looking for CUI or externally to check for fill-line corrosion or vapor space corrosion. Our robots can maneuver the entire shell without humans ever leaving the ground.

Rapid AUT on a tank shell: Gecko’s entrance in the AUT market scans at a 0.04” (1mm) resolution to pinpoint areas of concern. Scan your entire asset with our Rapid AUT in a fraction of the time thought possible.

Tank roofs are perfect for Gecko’s robots. No one feels truly at ease on a tank roof. We can perform non-entry roof scans on a variety of fixed and floating roofs, both in and out of service. For insulated roofs, we inspect from the inside with our magnetically adhered crawlers.

More Coverage. More Confidence

Gecko brings the simplicity of a single vendor to complete your API 653 inspection program using best-in-class methods and experienced inspectors. Our superior data density arms your team with the knowledge to make confident maintenance decisions.

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